Leo Rotko
Leo Rotko was born on May 8, 1951 in the village of Kel, Kopyl District, Minsk Region.
In 1976 he graduated from Theater and Art Institute, Minsk. From 1976 to 1993, he worked at the Mastatstva Brest Art Works, where his work was connected with the decoration of architecture and interiors of public buildings, but in his spare time, the artist devoted himself to easel painting, which became his passion from school.
Admiring the work of French post-impressionist painters and representatives of the Paris School of the early twentieth century, Leo Rotko said: “I don’t care about the similarity as such, I try to grasp the inner state of a person or nature through color”. Indeed, in his work it is through the painterly plastic that he tries to comprehend the essence of things, for the spiritual side of being for him is prevalent. The painter himself perceives the process of creativity as a spiritual act: “There is a moment when a magical light opens up inside me, pouring from somewhere above. This, however, does not last long, but I manage to gain clarity, freedom, and confidence that I have to do something very important. And I don’t think about anything, I immediately take a brush, canvas and write … ”.
The love for female images is brightly reflected in the portraits of the master, very touching, amazingly conveying the state and mood of the heroines.
With great trepidation, the artist refers to his own creativity, putting into each work a particle of his soul, bright and clean, therefore his works are perceived as certain revelations, because before us is not just canvases, but a cut of the artist’s naked soul, the constant of the eternal search for the meaning of life. An individual creative manner and sincerity in the presentation of images are conducive to a spiritual dialogue with the master, they awaken the warmest feelings in the viewer.

Few artists succeed in creating such a perfect illusion.

Awarded the BSH Medal for “For merits in the visual arts. »

Works in:

  • Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • Museum of Modern Art, Minsk, Belarus.
  • Art Center of Marc Chagall, Vitebsk, Belarus
  • Museum of Modern Art, Vienne
  • In private collections in France, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Germany and etc.

1986 Exhibitions in Kaunas (Lithuania), 

1987 Biala Podlaska (Poland), 

1988 Winner of the All-Union Contest “The Main Victory Monument on Poklonnaya Hill” (Moscow, Russia).

1989 International competition “InterArch-89” (Sofia, Bulgaria). Diploma.

1989 Member of the All-Union competition on the design of the Temple-monument to the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Russia. Moscow.

1991 Ravensburg (Germany).

1995 First Prize and Diploma of the Competition of the Republic of Belarus for the best project and construction in 1995 (Terminal of the International Port in Yokohama (Japan)).

1996 First prize in the republican competition for a memorial sign to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

1990-1993 Four solo exhibitions of paintings and drawings in Brest.

1993 Personal exhibition of paintings in the city of Ravensburg (Germany).

1995 Personal exhibition of watercolors in the city of Ravensburg (Germany).

1993-1995 Diplomas and awards of the Unions of Architects for the best architectural project of the year.

1996 International Painting Triennial in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1999 Personal exhibition of paintings in Ravensburg (Germany).

2001 Anniversary Exhibition in Brest.

2002 Sale Exhibition, Lich, Germany

2009-2011 Personal Exhibitions Germany, France, Lithuania, Poland (Biala)

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