Gaston Coppens
(1909 - 2002)

Gaston Coppens, trained in sculpture at the Ecole Boulle, is very early on oriented towards drawing, particularly lead pencil and pastel, whose graphics bear the characteristics of his training: volume, architecture, relief and harmony.

He set up his workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt and regularly participated in many exhibitions: Salon des Independents, the Society of Mountain Painters, the National Society of Horticulture of France. etc.

Several galleries have devoted personal exhibitions to him and first amongst them the prestigious Bernheim-Jeune gallery (gallery devoted to the Impressionists, Renoir, Cézanne, Matisse …), but also the Royal Gallery and the picturesque Gallery.



Museums and public collections:

Boulogne-Billancourt Museum.

Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris.

Centre of Pompidou, Paris.

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen.

Museum of Grenoble

Musée des beaux-arts de Chambéry


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